Blanket Making Event – Mission Fargo

One year ago we had the opportunity to cross paths with Jason and Kiana from Mission Fargo when they held a blanket making event in which the Cass County Sheriff’s office received the donations.

On Tuesday, we were invited by Jason/Mission Fargo to attend a blanket making event with the Innovators Master Networks Group. The group was very welcoming and it was a good opportunity for the business professionals to hear about our mission but also for us to hear about their business and needs.

The group made a bakers dozen blankets (I relate everything to donuts or tacos) which will be donated to the Cass County Sheriff’s along with the Fire Department. These departments keep them in their vehicles in the event they need them for emergency situations.

Olivia is getting better and better at speaking in front of a crowd. Pageantry and Warm Blanket Hugs have given her great opportunities to build confidence.
There are many adults that wouldn’t get up in front of a group of people – nice job Olivia!
Many hands make for light work

Thank you to Master Networks and Mission Fargo for allowing us the opportunity! We love being able to share what Warm Blanket Hugs is all about.

Fargo’s Master Networks – Innovators Club

Mission Fargo