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Hi! I’m Olivia, age 15, founder of Warm Blanket Hugs. 

In 2009, I was hospitalized during my diagnosis with epilepsy. I received a homemade blanket that was warm, fuzzy and I snuggled with it constantly.  I continued to carry the blanket with me everywhere I went after leaving the hospital.  There is nothing better than curling up with a warm blanket.  They provide comfort and security, things people don’t always have the opportunity to enjoy during certain situations.   

I want others to feel the comfort of a blanket as well, so I created my nonprofit Warm Blanket Hugs as a way for people to share homemade and store bought blankets with all ages in need all over the world.

How can you help? 

I’d love for you to join our journey and donate blankets to those in need. Click HERE for more information on how to us. Warm Blanket Hugs donates all types of blankets – sewing, crochet, fleece, quilts and more…they all bring comfort.

While you are out shopping and/or making the blanket(s), I’d love to see pictures!  Please tag us on Facebook and Instagram – Warm Blanket Hugs and use the tag #WarmBlanketHugs.

Facebook – Warm Blanket Hugs
Instagram – WarmBlanketHugs

Thank you for helping me spread the word and sharing Warm Blanket Hugs!

I am #ThrivingWithEpilepsy, showing others you can do big things when faced with adversity.  When going through hardships, helping others can help you feel worthwhile and help you get through tough times.  We are showing others they are not alone and people care.

Donate Here: https://donorbox.org/warm-blanket-hugs

Warm Hugs,
Olivia A.