I’m Olivia your Miss Pre Teen Prairie Rose Intl 2019 founder of #WarmBlanketHugs.

In 2009, I was hospitalized during my diagnosis with epilepsy. I received a homemade blanket that was warm, fuzzy and I snuggled with it constantly.  I continued to carry the blanket with me everywhere I went after leaving the hospital.  There is nothing better than curling up with a warm blanket.  They provide comfort and security, things people don’t always have the opportunity to enjoy during certain situations.   I want others to feel the comfort of a blanket as well, so I created Warm Blanket Hugs as a way for people to share homemade and store bought blankets with all ages in need all over the world.

I have three goals for 2019:  to coordinate the sharing of a blanket (homemade or store bought) in all 50 states plus D.C., have 1,000 blankets donated/shared across the U.S. and have blankets donated in as many countries as possible.  I’d love your help…can you help me donate blankets?  You can purchase fleece to tie a blanket or purchase one from a store.  You can donate it to someone you know or a local hospital/shelter.

I have packets available for you if you’d like me to send you one, you can message me on social media or email me WarmBlanketHugs@gmail.com.  The packet includes instructions on how to make a blanket.

While you are out shopping and/or making the blanket(s), I’d love to see pictures!  Please tag me @MissPreTeenPrairieRoseIntl19 (IG) and @MissPreTeenPrairieRoseIntl19 (Facebook) and use the tag #WarmBlanketHugs.

Thank you for helping me spread the word and sharing Warm Blanket Hugs!

You can order a kit here – https://wordpress.com/view/warmblankethugs.wordpress.com

Olivia A.
Miss Pre Teen Prairie Rose Intl 2019